How to Play Pink Panther Slot

pinkpantherslot-screenshot3.jpgLearning how to play the Pink Panther Slot game could not be easier. Playtech has incorporated a free play feature which means players do not even have to stake any of their own cash to get involved.

It is advisable that all players start with the free play feature. This will give them the chance to understand the game play, the symbols and all the different bonus rounds. It is an extremely simply process, but doing it with real money could mean a costly mistake. Within a few minutes, most players understand the game play completely, so they can switch to the real money play.

The Pink Panther Slot features 40 pay lines, so the first thing to do is to ensure that the player selects the right amount of lines. A player is able to bet on anything from a singular line, right through to the maximum of 40 lines. This can be easily adjusted by using the toggles, which are slightly below the slot main screen.

The amount of lines a player bets tends to be based on a few things. Firstly, the player needs to bear in mind their bet amount and ensure they have enough in their account to execute a few spins – there is no point spinning once and going out if they do not win. Also, a player needs to think about whether they want to bet the majority of their credit on a few lines, or spread their bet out.

Once the amount of lines has been selected, the player will need to select the wager per line. The wager that they select will be the same for all the active pay lines. Again, using the function below the main slot screen, players can easily increase or decrease the value bet per line.

Some players choose to bet as much as allowed by the slot. The Pink Panther Slot allows 40 pay lines and 10 coins per line, so players need 400 credits per spin. By clicking the maximum bet button, this will be bet for the player automatically.

There might be a few occasions where a player finds they have won a few times on the same line. If this happens, unfortunately not all of the winnings will be paid out. Instead, the computer will calculate which of the winnings is the highest and pay out that amount. The only time both wins will be paid out is when a player gets a scatter and regular win.

The great thing is that players have hundreds of ways to win. The developer has ensured that the scatter symbol does not have to be on an active pay line to win, which makes it a lot easier for a player to achieve their goal of a big cash prize.

Pink Panther Slot

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